Ilya Avakov
Born in Murmansk.Education St. Petersburg

state Academy of Arts and Industry named after
Baron A. L. Stieglitz (Muha).2001-2007

During the work in the company ROSTSELMASH as a leading design artist, I developed a
craving for drawing and painting.My favorite technique is oil painting.
Styles and directions of paintings, which can be characterized by creativity is realism and pop
art.From 2001 to 2017 Member of the Union of Designers of Russia and
Awards Bronze diploma Modulor 2011,
Winner of a Red Dot award in 2018.
Laureate VVFEST 2021

At the moment I cooperate with the leading gallery of automotive art in the UK:

Member Guild Motoring Artist. UK.

Silodrome June 2021;

REDLINE magazine (GMA) Spring 2020, UK;

A5 magazine ,november 2019, UK;

Wotisart, october 2019, UK;

Sobaka.ru, september 2019, Ru;

Formtrends, august 2019, UK;

Motorsport magazine, 2018 march, UK;

in2motorsports.com, january 2018, UK.


Participation in exhibitions:
Sleeping with art 2021 UK
VVFest Museum Tretyakov gallery 2021 Moscow, Russia;
Russian drive Mercedes-Benz center Sochi 2021, Russia;

Concourse de Elegance, AFAS ,Boca-Raton 2020 Miami, USA;

Greatest Race, Official F1 Art Exhibition Sochi  2020, Russia;
Agrosalon 2020 Moscow, Russia;
Race Retro 2020, Historiccarart stand Coventry, UK;
VVFest Museum Tretyakov gallery 2020 Moscow, Russia;

Art-Market Manufacture 905 , 2020, Pyatigorsk, Russia;
Vkontakte, Erarta museum 2020 Saint-Petersburg 

Oldtimer Sorokinsky on stand

Bushuev cars manufactory  2020, Moscow, Russia;

Art museum, Sochi  2019, Russia;
Greatest Race, Official F1 Art Exhibition Sochi  2019, Russia;

Happy Gallery, Solo Retro Drive 2019, Russia;

Classic Nostalgia 2018. Shelsley Walsh , UK;

Martini in Motorsport 50 years 2018, Royal Automobile Club, London, UK;

Race Retro 2018, Historiccarart stand  Coventry, UK;

Art of Motoring 2017 Gallery Pall Mall, London, UK;

MODULOR 2011 St.-Petersburg, Russia;

Ferodize 2007, Zheleznovodsk, Russia;

MODULOR 2007 St.-Petersburg, Russia;

Christmas exhibition 2006 museum of Lermontov. Pyatigorsk Russia;

Family Exhibition 2005, museum of Lermontov. Pyatigorsk Russia;

MODULOR 2005 St.-Petersburg, Russia.

I will be happy to answer all questions. i_avakov@mail.ru